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We share just under eleven acres with our Collie family in the beautiful south Okanagan wine country region, near the shores of Skaha Lake in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. We are just south of the City of Penticton.  Established in Alberta, Canada in 1993 on some of the worlds’ finest and most sought after bloodlines, today we house a small select group of dogs. Through our breeding program, we have produced top specialty and all breed winning Collies recognized throughout North America and abroad for their beautiful correct Collie expression and heads, full rounded muzzles, soundness of body, balance, temperament and health.


 It is not hard to realize that beauty is inherent in the Collie breed.  With that said, from our perspective it takes a thorough understanding of science/genetics, in conjunction with an artistic eye to consistently produce the much sought after qualities/virtues that Davenloch Collies are known for.  Great thought and care is put into EVERY selective breeding we do here. We are always looking forward to improve, without losing sight of maintaining the outstanding virtues,  type & temperament our Collies are recognized for around the world today. We greatly value beautiful correct Collie expression and heads, full rounded muzzles, soundness of body, balance, temperament and health along with natural herding instinct, the WHOLE dog.


We have bred/owned over 80 Champion titled dogs to date including American and Japanese Collie champions/ grand champions, a Belgian Shepherd Dog and a Great Pyrenees, two other breeds we also have great appreciation for. The breeding of exceptional Collies is not simply a hobby for us, it is a passion.  There are also Davenloch dogs engaging in pet therapy, competitive obedience, agility, rally and flyball throughout Canada and in the U.S.  In fact some of the top performing dogs in many of these activities and sports here in Canada, have been Davenloch Collies!  We are just as proud of them as we are of our dog's successes in the conformation show ring.


We thoroughly enjoy exhibiting our Collies at shows.  However,  producing healthy, true to type Collies is our priority. For us, the showing of our dogs is secondary to our goal and vision of overall health, temperament and type.  It is our opinion that it is responsible, ethical breeders who are the true guardians and stewards of the breed, or any breed for that matter.  For as much as we enjoy showing our dogs, we breed Collies because of our love for the dogs themselves, not as an ego booster or for the love of dog show ribbons. 


It starts and ends with truly ethical breeders staying true to the standard.  We believe there is only one true type of Collie, with a variance of acceptable styles, that fit within the confines of what the official breed standard will allow.  The world of dog shows, can and does propogate fads and extremes .  However that does not mean breeders should conform and breed for such, unless the pursuit of the ribbon is more important than the preservation and presentation of true to type dogs.  We are of the opinion, that dog shows and judges should NEVER be the defining factor or guide to any true steward and guardian of any breed.  For us, the true preservationist breeder is the one to do that.  It is done through the selection of what dogs to breed to what dogs, and why, what is selected by the breeders to keep and go on with towards the next generation, and the selecting of only the best homes and families for those dogs that are destined for life as a beloved family companion.  


 As was said before, it starts and it ends with the responsible, ethical and moral breeder.  The true motive of any breeder will in the end, determine any breeder's direction.  If ribbons and show ring glory are the priority, with that comes much temptation to conform to what may be winning at a given time.  If what is winning is faddish and extreme, the results to our breed can be catastrophic.  If preservation and correct true to type Collies are the priority, as it is for us, the show ring takes a different place, as a venue to show what we do and what our priorities are.  It is also a form of benchmark to us as preservationists, but in no way is it a firm determining factor or ultimate driver of our breeding program.  


We do not in any way wish to offend judges or fellow exhibitors with our philosophy and position on the matter.  Without them, there would be no public venue at all to promote the wonders of the purebred dog and in our case, Collies!  We very much appreciate the judges and other serious preservationists who have dedicated themselves to the world of purebred dogs.  That said, our position as breeders, comes from over a quarter century of intense involvement, love and dedication to the Collie. Yes winning is fantastic and we have certainly done our fair share of it, but not at all costs. Dog showing is the light and social side of the purebred dog world for us.  However, the art and science of breeding correct, healthy true to type dogs, is our utmost priority.  


 Our Collies are tested for various structural/genetic issues, namely hip and elbow clearances, formal eye exams by canine opthamologists, Dermatomyosytis (DMS) risk assessment, Degenerative Myelopathy, and Mutant Drug Resistant Gene (MDR1) testing.  As a result, Davenloch is able to offer solid health guarantees covering a myriad of issues, on all Collies that come from our home.  Our Collies are reared on a quality diet and at Davenloch we follow a limited vaccination protocol, attempting to raise all of our dogs, as far as food, vaccinations and medications go, as naturally as we ourselves possibly can.


Davenloch Collies and/or their direct descendants can be found gracing the homes and lives of breeders and families across North America & Japan, as well as Central America, Australia and western Europe.  Our success as a kennel cannot be measured only by our record in the show ring.  Perhaps the larger part of the equation is the measurement of those who have purchased a puppy or two or three from us in the past. The best advertising for the Collie, is a well bred, well socialized, healthy beautiful Collie.   Seeing just how amazing they truly are in the homes and lives of those families who have a Davenloch dog says more than any write up or spoken word can ever say! The Collie, although a magnificent animal to look at in the show ring, is first and foremost a family member that brings such quality of life to those who invite such a great breed into their homes.  The Collie is truly a functional, congenial and beautiful animal; a devoted companion for an adult and wonderful, gentle, child adoring playmate for children.


Davenloch continues today as a source for quality Collies and we continue to strive towards perfection with every breeding that we do.  We are proud to offer top quality companion dogs, performance/herding/working dogs, as well as quality show prospects to approved homes, all from health tested parentage and lineage.  All of our puppies are born and raised in our home, and are raised with the utmost in socialization and the knowledge that comes from nearly three decades of love for and dedication to the Collie breed. 


We welcome you to our website and hope you enjoy your visit.   If you are interested in our dogs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please see our AVAILABLE/LITTERS page for details of what we may have available at the present time.  We occasionally offer older puppies, young adults, as well as retirees to approved forever homes, and we suggest reservations for upcoming litters, especially if you are wanting specifics in your new puppy such as coat type and/or color.  We promptly answer all inquiries and would be happy to chat with you.



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BEST IN SHOW Japan Collie Club Grand Champion, Japan Kennel Club/International Champion Davenloch Defying Gravity

( Sire: Am. & Can. Champion Southland's Lexington  - Dam: Can. Champion Davenloch's Pillow Talk ) winning an Award of Merit at the Japan Collie Club National Specialty Show in Tokyo, Japan 2011

Bred by J David Clarke / Davenloch Collies .  Shown here by J. David Clarke 

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